• Fluoride in Groundwater of Kutch, Bhavnagar and Mehsana Regions in Gujarat State and Some Home Remedial Measures.
  • Estimation and Isolation of Azadirachtin.
  • Biological Studies of Azadirachtin and its Derivatives against Polyphagoud Pest Spodoptera Litara.
  • Effect of Some Ultraviolet Light Absorbers on Photo Stabilization of Azadirachtin.
  • Food and Nutritional Resources from Seeds : Chemical and Technological Aspects.
  • Degumming of Vegetable Oil by Membrane Technology.
  • Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Grafted Poly (Acryl Amide) Hydrogel and Its Interpenetrating Network for Controlled Release of
  • Novel Route to Synthesize Ally1 Starch and Biodegradable Hydrogel by Copolymerizing Ally1-modified Starch with
    Methacrylic Acid and Acrylamide.
  • Polymeric Sodium Alginate Interpenetrating Network Beads for the Controlled Release of Chlorpyrifos.
  • Entrapment of Lipase into K-carrageenan Beads and its Use in Hydrolysis of Olive Oil in Biphasic System.
  • Alcololysis of Salicornia Oil using Free and Covalently Bound Lipase on to Chitosan Beads.
  • Chemoselective Hydrolysis of Methyl 2-acetoxybenzoate using Free and Entrapped Esterase in K-carrageenan Beads.
  • Characterization of Immobilized Laccase and its Application for Continuous Treatment of Phenolic Pollutants.
  • In-vitro Flowering and Rapid Propagation of Vitex Negundo.
  • Bacopa Monneieri Pennel – A Rapid, Efficient and Cost Effective Microprppagation.
  • Chemical and Physical Mutagenic Studies in Economically Important Musa Cultivars involved in Improvement Programme .
  • Kotar (Ravine) Land Development Project .

Book :"Water Harvesting" A Practical Guide for Artificial Recharge of Groundwater